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On Saturday, 2nd June 2012, a group of eleven volunteers from NYK Line (India) Ltd., and NYK Auto Logistics (India) Ltd., partnered an environmental drive with the NGO “Hariyali” that has been working tirelessly to preserve nature, through restoration of forests, tree plantations, rain water harvesting and reforestation of depleted hills and green belts. The pre-monsoon activity included visiting Hariyali’s plantation site in Mumbai’s suburban area of Bhavale, and participating in seed scattering on both sides of the roads for a stretch of three kilometres, digging trenches to facilitate sapling plantation, and carpeting over 3000 sqft of the area with used and donated carpets to prevent soil erosion and flooding.


The small group worked dedicatedly during the half-day programme and enjoyed working with nature and bonding with each other.


The President of Hariyali, Dr. Punam Singavi expressed his appreciation for the NYK volunteers in the following words:

 “It was an excellent performance by your entire team at Bhavale* on Saturday, 2nd June 2012 and we are very proud of your association with us.”


*Bhavale – The project site for plantation related activities.




The Objective of Goonj is to spread awareness about their unique concepts for socio-economic development so that anytime an urban household thinks of disposing off reusable material it should have a channel to reach the neediest.


NYK Line (India) Ltd., have been partnering with Goonj for over five years and supporting their socio-economic development initiatives.


As part of our CSR initiatives, on 22nd June 2012, Goonj was offered a desk within the building premises of the NYK Mumbai Corporate office, when they had the opportunity of displaying their beautiful lifestyle articles for sale. These articles were made from donated items such as used clothing, old cassette tapes, paper, plastic covers and such other discarded items. NYK Line team did a campaigning exercise to generate awareness for this fund raising drive, by distributing pamphlets and sending mailers well in advance.


The stall was open throughout the day, and drew several enthusiastic visitors from NYK Group Companies as well as other offices in the vicinity. The proceeds of the sale will go towards welfare and development activities including education and health programmes for school children in remote villages in India.


NYK Line India, New Delhi Branch has partnered with Vidya Centre, an NGO that works with which works towards providing education to the poor and underprivileged children and the empowerment of youth from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing them with vocational training and income generation programmes.

Employees of NYK Line Delhi Branch have come forward to enthusiastically volunteer time on weekends to support these children in their educational process. Starting from 15th June, the volunteers have been spending time every weekend teaching the children basic English language, writing, speaking and reading skills, preparing survey formats for basic problems faced by slum dwellers (since most of these children are from slum backgrounds), conducting remedial classes for children to aid their school work and teaching basic computer skills.


Over 130 students make use of the valuable facilities that the learning centre provides and it was a wonderfully humbling and satisfying opportunity for the NYK team members to spend time and efforts with this group of young learners.

NYK Line India also sponsored the upgradation of seventeen computers that belong to the centre and are used to train these students in basic computer skills through the courses they offer.

The efforts of the NYK Line Delhi Branch was much appreciated by the NGO and they lauded the volunteers for their praiseworthy efforts towards a social cause.

The Lions Club of Bombay Airport conducted the 28th Mini Olympics for children under special care on 19th January 2014 in Mumbai.


727 children from 27 schools participated in various sports events and won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The children were presented with attractive goodie bags containing articles of use. Each participating school was given a water filter to assure clean drinking water for its students.


139 teachers and 50 specially trained officials, along with 200 parents participated in this project. The event is considered to be a very good platform for these special children to show case their efforts and hard work in attaining excellence.


NYK Line India sponsored a part of this event for the second consecutive year as part of its CSR initiatives.


On 4th February 2014, which also coincided with World Cancer Day, the Bangalore Branch of NYK Line India, partnered with Global Vision, an NGO who pioneers in creating cancer care awareness across India and offers comprehensive support and care to cancer patients.

Global Vision organized a rally to focus attention on the dangerous effects of consuming various forms of tobacco products, identified as one of the major causes of cancer.  NYK Line India made a monetary donation towards cancer care and the employees of NYKLI Bangalore volunteered to join hands with the Global Vision team at the rally which began from a central area of the city at 10:30 hours and covered major parts of Bangalore city until 18:00 hours. The volunteers gathered in an open top bus which was decorated with banners and balloons, drawing attention to its important message.

As a part of the initiative, volunteers along with NYK team, went onto the street and smokers on the road was requested to throw away their cigarettes to the collection box after explaining to them the serious ill effects of tobacco on their own health as well as that of the people around them.  As a special gesture, each of them who threw away their cigarettes was gifted with a rose.  The drive received warm support from the onlookers and the general public. At junctions, leaflets explaining the ill effect of tobacco were distributed.

The programme ended with lighting of Candles by the entire team along with general public at 18:00 hours at a public area known as Freedom Park.

This is the second consecutive year that NYK Line India, Bangalore branch has partnered with Global Vision to support the cause of cancer care.

The employees of NYK Line India Ltd., Tuticorin Branch, as part of their dedication to social initiatives , provided volunteer services and aid to Nesakarangal orphanage that takes care of over hundred orphaned persons including children, women and elderly persons.

On Sunday, 14th July 2013, the NYK Tuticorin Team arrived at the orphanage premises at 10:30 hours. The team members conducted a personal collection drive of fifteen bags of good quality used clothes which were segregated, packed and delivered to the orphanage where it was accepted eagerly.

NYK sponsored a cereal and pulse electric grinder for the preparation of food, five beds for the old, sick and infirm inmates, dry grocery items and several kitchen utensils. A special lunch was sponsored by NYK for the inmates on this day and the NYK Group employees joined them in the hearty feast.

The children at the orphanage, on behalf of all the inmates, expressed their gratitude and appreciation by putting together performances of dance and song for the visitors from NYK. One child wrote a special thank you speech for NYK, to appreciate their generous donation that would make their lives a little easier.

Most of all, it was a wonderful experience for our Tuticorin team to spend some special time with the staff and inmates of the orphanage which helped them empathise with their problems and also bond with them.

It was a wonderful team activity and NYK Tuticorin team looks forward to continued opportunities of giving back something to society through many such activities in the years to come.

On February 6, 2014 volunteers from NYK Line India, Kolkata Branch set off to the outskirts of the city to a placed called East Midnapore with a special purpose.

Their destination was “Antyodoy Ananth Ashram, an orphanage that houses 78 destitute children including both boys and girls. The home also has a facility for elderly people.

The home is run by an able head who has organized the management of the facility in a very innovative fashion. Boys and girls of the home are given the opportunity to be “education, “sports” and other “ministers”. This helps the children develop into responsible individuals. Skype is used as a tool for educational access. Each child is allotted a vegetable patch that he or she is responsible for tending to and growing vegetables in. The patch has the child’s name which gives them a sense of belonging and a desire to excel and make their patch good.


NYK Line India donated some funds to help the home buy rice and other food items. They also donated some essential items like books, stationery, toys,  cricket bats and skipping ropes, balls, biscuit packets etc., to brighten up the days of the children and also sponsored a special lunch for the inmates, which they shared with the children.The gesture was greatly appreciated by both the staff and inmates of the home.


The NYK team had a memorable and enjoyable day getting to know the children and spending the day with them.

On 10th January 2014, NYK Line India organized a fund raising initiative in partnership with the NGO Goonj who works for the under privileged people of rural interior villages in India.

Goonj works on the unique concept of “urban waste to rural wealth”. Clothing, toys, plastics, paper, used books, stationery, utensils and a wide variety of materials are collected through donation drives across the metros and cities of the country. Goonj has facilities that provide employment to the poorest segments of society in their recycling centres who make beautiful utility items and school kits for village students from the donated items that cannot be used in its original form.

NYK Line India conducted an awareness drive about the fund raising programme and over fifty people visited, bought several items on display, donated cash and also sponsored educational and welfare programmes.

The effort was greatly appreciated by Goonj.

GOONJ is considered one of the leading social enterprises in India, the largest non monetary resource agency and said to be one of the largest civic participation movements. Goonj addresses and draws attention to the basic need of human beings i.e. clothing, and its wider implications. The model has gained acceptance across the world and many organizations have started replicating GOONJ’s various initiatives.

On Friday, 31st July 2015 NYK Line India conducted its bi-annual blood donation camp in partnership with Indian Red Cross Society for the benefit of children and youngsters affected with thalassemia.


Thalassemia is a blood disorder that hampers the body’s ability to produce red blood cells, thereby requiring the patients to receive frequent blood transfusions.



The Indian Red Cross Society provides care to such children and youngsters and NYK Line India has been partnering with them for this noble cause since several years.


During the day long donation camp, thirty six bottles of blood were collected for this cause. Employees of our group companies, NYK Auto Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd., as well as Yusen Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd., participated in the camp and we were also fortunate to have donors from other companies within our office complex.


NYK Line India will continue to be an integral contributor towards social initiatives in India.


Malini Nair

AGM – Corporate HR & Admin

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