Group Values



More than 127 years have passed since NYK was established in 1885, and the stage for our NYK Group’s business activities has expanded in a variety of business activities around the world. Today, over 55,000 people of various nationalities, cultures and languages work for the NYK Group as colleagues. There certainly exists something that we can call the NYK spirit, which has been cultivated over our long, 125 plus year history. In 2007, Mr. Koji Miyahara, former president of NYK Line, established the NYK Group values, the 3 I’s, which all NYK Group members should share and further develop as the basic and universal spirit of NYK. Throughout the period, the way we meet the challenges of the new era and shape the future of the NYK Group comes down to the everyday actions and behaviors of everyone of our fellow NYK Group staff members for the betterment of everyone within NYK Group companies and the NYK Group values is an index for gauging these actions and behaviors.



Be respectful and considerate to your customers and colleagues.
Stay warm, cordial, courteous, and caring.

  • Firstly, by attending to other’s needs
  • Secondly, by sharing your knowledge with others
  • Thirdly, by expanding your circle of trust



Continually think of new ideas for improvement, even when conditions appear satisfactory.
Remain open to betterment.

  • Firstly, by questioning basic assumptions
  • Secondly, by keeping your ear to the ground
  • Thirdly, by thinking how you can make immediate changes



Carry through with and accomplish your tasks. Never give up.
Overcome challenges. Remain Motivated.

  • Firstly, by taking the initiative
  • Secondly, by seeing each job through until it’s done
  • Thirdly, by involving others

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