Hikawa Maru Designated as Important Cultural Property

On August 17, the moored museum ship Hikawa Maru was officially designated as an Important Cultural Property by the nation’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


In commemoration of this recognition, an exhibit titled “Marugoto Hikawa Maru” (The Entire Hikawa Maru) is being held until December 25 at the NYK Maritime Museum in Yokohama. The exhibit includes diaries of people associated with the ship, cabin color schemes, brochures, photographs, and routes showcasing the ship’s 86 years of history. In addition, the Hikawa Maru Academy is taking place as a series of lectures (in Japanese) to mark the event. Detailed information can be found in Japanese at the NYK Hikawamaru’s website. (http://www.nyk.com/rekishi/)


NYK will continue its efforts to preserve this important cultural property to stimulate interest in the maritime industry.





- Hikawa Maru principal particulars


Type:              Cargo-passenger     ship
    Built     by:          Yokohama     Dock Company Ltd.
    Completed:      April 25, 1930
    Overall length: 163.30 m
    Width:                  20.1 m
    Gross tonnage: 11,622 tons
    Max. speed:     18.38 knots
    Engine:            B&W     double-acting four-cycle diesel; two engines and two propellers